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Integrated Quality Management Policy

Quality, Safety and Health, Environmental protection,

corporate responsibility
and Energy management


Bazan group, one of the leading industrial companies in Israel, that manufactures and markets a wide range of oil products and derivatives such as polymers, aromatics, lubricants and waxes that are used as raw materials in numerous industries, as well as in transportation and energy.

This integrated quality policy sets the basic principles adopted by Bazan group in order to fully comply with the rules and legal demands, in order to meet and exceed the requirements of its customers and any interested parties, minimize the environmental impact and maintain the safety and health of the community and its employees. Protect the security and information systems and determine the group's corporate responsibility.

All the while seeking to constantly improve our processes and efficient use of the resources at its disposal.

Bazan's group management considers its human resource the organization's most valuable asset, essential to the company's strength. Therefore Bazan group devotes ongoing effort to improvement of employee qualification and their abilities to face the challenges set from time to time. In order to make sure that all regulations are met, and as part of routine work practices, Bazan group runs appropriate internal enforcement programs.

Bazan group offers an appropriate work environment, respects human rights and dignity, and maintains an open and transparent dialogue with the community, based on values of mutual respect and justice.

As part of customer relations in Israel and abroad, Bazan's group management assures the product quality required and agreed upon, together with a high level of service and support, and meet all its trade liability commercial undertakings.

Bazan's group employees are considered customers and suppliers providing services within the organization. Transparency is encouraged throughout the company.

Bazan group believes in the importance of ongoing cooperation with all those involved, particularly the communities in which it operates, and is committed to a policy of community involvement and the active volunteering of employees, out of a belief that strengthening the community in this way is an important value that contributes to its strength and its future.

Bazan's group management considers its suppliers, contractors and employees as business partners, and therefore develops and nurtures its relations with them as so to enhance their ability to meet its requirements. Management also encourages its employees to work toward constant improvement.

Bazan's group constantly evaluates energy resources, monitoring, measurement and analysis the important features of the energy management system.

Bazan's group management regularly monitors the achievement of the goals and targets set. It bases its policy on its strategic plans and the principles of the business code of ethics as approved by both Management and the Board of Directors.

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