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Introducing Carmel Olefins Ltd.

Carmel Olefins Ltd. (“Carmel”) is Israel’s sole manufacturer of petrochemical products that are used as raw materials for the plastics industry. Carmel manufactures standard and special grades of Polypropylene (PP) as well as a broad range of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) grades. Carmel also exports to various countries worldwide.

Carmel Olefins Ltd. was founded in 1991 through a merger of existing businesses and is now a private company owned by the Oil Refineries Ltd. Carmel’s production and management center is in the Haifa Bay industrial zone, adjacent to the refinery.


Carmel Olefins looks to the Future

Carmel Olefins’ leading position in the industry is based on its unparalleled attention to customers’ needs, combined with its superior technological know-how and production capacity. This allows it to develop and offer a broad range of grades, tailor-made to help its customers achieve a competitive edge in their markets. Carmel is the only company in the Israeli plastics industry with the know-how and capabilities to consistently deliver this set of benefits.

Carmel has installed the most modern management systems for quality assurance and is committed to environmental quality and social responsibility. Carmel Olefins Ltd. is focused on increasing its production capacity of Polypropylene and using the world’s most advanced technology in order to supply its customers with innovative products and superior technical service. This will allow it to create and supply more new products that help its customers stay at the leading edge of their industrial sectors, and provide the basis for increasing its present level of exports.


Production Capability

Carmel Olefins Ltd. manufactures and sells 165 kTPA Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) under the name Ipethene®. A broad range of Ipethene® products have been produced since 1964 (formerly by Israel Petrochemical Enterprises Ltd.), and there are now four lines consisting of high pressure autoclave reactors. The technology was originally licensed from ICI Ltd. - the inventors of high pressure LDPE technology.

As of 2007, Carmel Olefins Ltd. also manufactures and sells 450 kTPA Polypropylene (PP) under the name Capilene®. The large range of Capilene® PP products are manufactured in two production lines based on Spheripol and Spherizone technology under license from Basell. Spheripol is an established technology for the production of polypropylene, while Spherizone is a new technology using a multizone circulating reactor for the production of modified PP grades.

Carmel Olefins Ltd. operates its own steam cracker that supplies 240 kTPA ethylene, and 135 kTPA propylene; The metathesis plant supplies 180 kTPA propylene. Primary raw materials such as naphtha and liquefied petroleum gas are sourced via pipeline from the adjacent oil refinery.


Polypropylene (PP)

Capilene® is Carmel Olefins’ registered trade name for a highly versatile range of PP homopolymers, impact and random copolymers, manufactured in various standardized and customized grades since 1993. Capilene® PP products are environmentally friendly, non toxic and recyclable. Capilene® is used in the production of garden furniture, garden sheds, cabinets, lockers, storage systems, toys, toolboxes, household articles, tough packages, technical items, transparent films, fibers, floor carpets, woven and non woven fabrics, ropes, nets and many other items.


Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Ipethene® is Carmel Olefins’ registered trade name for a large variety of LDPE grades for film extrusion, pipe extrusion, blow moulding, injection moulding and compounding used in the production of films for agriculture, packaging, irrigation pipes and other plastic products.


Special Products and Customized Grades

Carmel Olefins Ltd. offers innovative, practical, and cost effective solutions to answer customers’ needs in a dynamic competitive environment. Its ability to develop advanced PP grades is based on a well-established R&D group, in-house laboratories, plastics workshops and many years of experience.

Carmel Olefins Ltd. is strongly customer- oriented, offering comprehensive technical service which includes support in plastics design, material selection, material handling and processing aids. The technical service group helps producers of plastic goods adjust the properties of their raw materials for the ultimate benefit of end users.


Product Availability

Carmel Olefins Ltd. has a fully-integrated and highly flexible logistics network that ensures optimal delivery from its manufacturing centre in Haifa to customers throughout Israel and around the world. Some complementary products are imported to ensure a full basket of products to meet customers’ needs.

Carmel Olefins’ sophisticated approach to Supply Chain Management ensures that its own production scheduling and inventory of finished products can meet the needs of customers in Israel and abroad.

According to customers’ preferences, Products can be supplied in various packages, including: bags on pallets, Bigbags, Octabins and Bulk Containers. Carmel Olefins Ltd. offers a unique and highly cost-effective service of bulk delivery to dedicated storage silos located at its customers’ sites. Carmel guarantees fast and reliable delivery abroad through the local warehousing of appropriate products to meet its customers’ needs.


Aiming for Excellence

Carmel Olefins Ltd. is committed to attaining the highest standards of quality in its manufacturing, products, logistics and technical services. This is achieved through a culture of continuous improvement and adoption of a holistic Quality Management approach which includes a full range of quality, occupational health, safety, environmental and information security management systems.

Carmel Olefins Ltd. meets all the relevant national and international statutory requirements. The company is certified to the ISO9001:2000 standard for Quality Management, the OHSAS18001 standard for Occupational Health & Safety, ISO14001:2004 standard for Environmental Management and the ISO27001 standard for IT Security Management. Its products also meet Israeli, European and US standards relating to plastic materials that are in contact with food, beverages and medicines.

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