Plastic Compounds Achieve True Static Dissipative Properties with Less Than 2 % Carbon Black


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   TDS - CarmelStat CS 2015       
   ESD TDS - CarmelStat CS 2015       
   TDS - CarmelStat CS 1120                   
   MSDS - CarmelStat CS 1120           
   ESD TDS - CarmelStat CS 1120      
   Electrical & Cleanliness - CarmelStat CS 1120      
   TDS - CarmelStat CS 7120 Non-Black       
   ESD TDS - CarmelStat CS 7120 Non-Black      


CARMELSTAT™ compounds developed by Carmel Olefins represent a technological breakthrough. Injection molded totes, bins and containers, chip trays and PCB racks from these compounds exhibit permanent, consistent and controlled surface resistivity in the 106 - 109 ohms/square electrostatic dissipative range at carbon black concentrations as low as 1 – 2%.
Carbon black filled polymers have long been materials of choice for products used in ESD-protected environments, such as storage and transportation containers for electronic components. In order to achieve electrically conductive behavior, 10 – 20 % carbon black had to be added. The surface sloughing of the carbon frequently caused contamination problems. Furthermore, the relatively high conductivity levels were prone to cause uncontrolled charge dissipation, harming stored components.

CARMELSTAT™ compounds replace existing materials (10 – 20% carbon black, 102 - 104 ohms/sq), which are too conductive and promote ESD damage by uncontrolled discharge.

Molders using CARMELSTAT™ enjoy a relatively wide processing window and due to the low carbon black levels, reduced machine setup and cleaning times.

Carmel Olefins Ltd. is Israel’s sole manufacturer of petrochemical products that are used as raw materials for the plastics industry. Carmel Olefins manufactures standard and special grades of Polypropylene (PP) as well as a broad range of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) grades. Carmel Olefins Ltd. was founded in 1991 through a merger of existing businesses and is now a private company owned by the Oil Refineries Ltd. in the Haifa Bay industrial zone, Israel.


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